Teaching your Kids to be Street Smart

Most children love playing outside, but this creates another level of responsibility. Why? Because your children need to know how to be street smart!

Make sure your kids know these basic rules before they are allowed to go play with their friends in the neighbourhood.

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> Don’t hang out in parks, streets, parking lots or school yards after hours when it is dark and deserted.

> Never go anywhere with anyone you do not know, even if they say they’re friends with your parents, etc.

> Never open the front door when you are home alone. If you feel scared, call the police or press the SOS button on the PatrolMan app and help will be summoned immediately.

> Stick with a friend or a group of friend if you are going somewhere, like walking to school.

> Don’t trust any strangers!

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> If someone approaches you or stops their car and calls you over, don’t get close. Rather head to the nearest shop or place of business.

> When you’re in a shopping mall, stay close to whoever you are with.

> Discuss a meeting spot where you can meet if you ever get lost.

> Ask a store employee if you ever get lost or need help.

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> If you’re living in an apartment block or complex, know which areas are safe and which are best to avoid.

> If you’re in the elevator and a stranger is making you feel scared or uncomfortable – get off at the next floor.

> Tell a grownup if you are being bullied.

> Be firm and confident – if a bully tries to take something of yours say no!

> If a bully is being violent and hurting you, just give them what they want and run away. You need to keep yourself safe, not defeat them.

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Before you let your children out into the world, they need to be street smart – make sure you go through these basic rules together!


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