All you need to Know about Medicine Safety for Children

Did you know that every year thousands of children are rushed to the hospital because they managed to get into medicine?

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Do not be lenient about how you store your medicine at home; you need to know what you can do to keep your kids safe…

Here are some interesting facts about kids and medicine safety as well as how to protect your kids:

      -          Almost every minute of every day there is a call to the poison control centre because of a young child that managed to get hold of medicine
      -          90% of parents agree that it is important to store all your medicine out of sight and out of reach
      -          But, 7 in 10 parents say they still store their medicine within a child’s sight
      -          9 in 10 parents agree that medicine should always be stored in the original container or box
      -          But, 1 in 3 parents say they often use daily pill organizers that children can easily get hold of
      -          Too many parents think that it is okay to keep medicine that a child uses every day on the kitchen counter or a visible location so it is handy
      -          3 of 5 accidental poisonings involve small children who easily reached medicine that wasn’t in its normal storage location

Parents need to stop underestimating the risks!

      -          Parents think it is safe to store medicine out of reach, however half of poisoning cases involved the child climbing on something to reach the medicine
      -          1 in 3 parents think it doesn’t matter where medicines are stored if you are watching your child
      -          But, parents who visited the emergency room with their child reported that they only turned their back for a minute
      -          50% of parents think that child-proof packaging means a child will never be able to get into medicine
      -          But, more than 55% of poisonings involved child-proof medicine packaging

Protect your children!

      -          Always store all your medicine, vitamins and supplements up and away so your children cannot see or reach them
      -          Keep your medicine in the original, child-proof packaging
      -          As soon as your child is born, start storing your medicine safely
      -          Keep these emergency numbers on your phone as well as on the fridge at home
      -          Instead of keeping a pill organizer or medicine in sight, set an alarm on your phone, write yourself a note or combine it will a task you do every day

Don’t forget to be cautious because of convenience – keep your kids safe!

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