What to do if you’re in the Middle of a Mall Robbery

A number of serious mall robberies involving armed, dangerous criminals happen every year, showing us just how important it is to know how to stay safe if you are ever caught in the middle.

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It is advised that you always be aware of suspicious activities and know what is happening around you. Here are several more vital tips:

~ For your own safety, always follow the robber’s instructions

~ Keep calm. If you are struggling, breathe deeply until help arrives

~ Robbers can be agitated really quickly, so don’t try and use your cell phone

~ Keep low and try and find a sheltered spot in case of gun fire

~ Take note of what the robbers are wearing, how tall they are, if they have any tattoos or scars, etc. Try to remember so you can pass on this information to the authorities.

~ Keep your children close to you at all times

~ When you are shopping in the mall, try not to keep large sums of money on you

~ If you are not in the store being robbed, get to a safe area and secure yourself

Dealing with a mall robbery is a scary and traumatic experience and it may take time to deal with it. Being properly prepared is vital for your own safety as well as the safety of the people around you.

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