Use these 5 Options if you are ever Targeted by a Predator

When it comes to options when you are targeted by a predator, fight or flight are the two most well-known.

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Of course it isn’t possible to know what will happen during that time when someone attacks you, however it is good to know and understand your options.

                    i.            Posture – Present yourself as a tough target and a predator may opt for easier prey. If that doesn’t work:

                   ii.            Flee – This is the most obvious choice, although it sometimes isn’t possible. If that doesn’t work:

                  iii.            Outsmart – verbally disarming a situation and slowly escaping can sometimes work. If that doesn’t work:

                  iv.            Surrender – Sometimes your best bet is to simply surrender. However a false surrender can also work, especially if it is supported by:

                    v.            Fight – Stun your attacker by fighting like a mad man, then run away as fast as you can.

When you are attacked, you can probably expect to be hurt, but ALWAYS expect to survive!

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