Do you think you’re being followed? Here’s what to do

No matter who you are, normal people can get followed either be strangers or stalkers. There may be a motive behind the following, but no matter what it is – it’s really scary!

If you have the feeling that you are being followed, don’t ignore your gut feeling, use these helpful tips:

      ·         Stay Calm

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If you’re being followed while driving, don’t panic, speed away and cause a scene. It is best to slow down, think about the situation and drive to a police station or somewhere safe. If you’re on foot, stop and pretend to be looking inside a shop or fixing your hair, this way you can think things through properly and figure out a plan of action.

      ·         Mix it Up

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Take a few wrong turns or take a quick detour, then double back. This is an effective way to find out if someone is really following you, because how often do two people make the same wrong turn at the same time? If your suspicions are correct – walk/drive to the nearest police station or public area.

      ·         Walk to a Busy Location

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The worst thing you can do when you are being followed is to head home. Rather go where the people are like the nearest café or grocery store. Crowds of people can help you lose your follower or stop them from approaching you. Once you feel you are safe, call someone or press the SOS button on the PatrolMan app so you can be escorted home or to your car.

      ·         Use your Phone

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Contact a family member or friend and let them know what is happening to you. Tell them you are planning to go to a safe location and they should check up on you regularly. There are also a few apps out there that allow you to alert the authorities that you’re in trouble – like the SOS emergency feature on the PatrolMan app. Learn more about it here.

Whether you are walking somewhere or driving somewhere, being followed is a scary situation. It is important to know what to do so you can stay safe. Use these tips – it could happen to you!


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