The 7 Advantages a Burglar will look for

In order to protect your home against burglars, you need to know where the flaws lie. It is as simple as making your home the least attractive to burglars when they are searching for a way inside.

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Here are the 7 advantages a burglar will look for when they want to break into someone’s home…

       1.       Unlocked, weak doors or windows without burglar bars or a security gate.

       2.       Something that will help them break inside such as a tree in front of a less secure window, a ladder, tools that have been left outside, patio furniture, etc.

       3.       Places to hide like bushes, trees and areas where there are no outside lights

      4.       Attached garages that are left open and easy to get into and inner doors that are unlocked

      5.       Quiet homes where there are no dogs, nosey neighbours or traffic

      6.       Secluded homes where there are no proper security practices in place such as an alarm and outdoor lighting

      7.       No crime watch or security company signage outside the home or on the walls

Stand back and take a look at your home through the eyes of a burglar. If you can spot any of these things, take the correct steps to fortify your home! 

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