Pedestrian Collisions and how to prevent them

When you leave your house, take a walk to the shop, cross the road to go to your work office or take an evening jog – you are a pedestrian!

Whatever the reason why you are a pedestrian, you need to know how to prevent collisions and possible death.

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Here are the five most common types of collisions that happen between a vehicle and a pedestrian:

>> Dart out. This collision usually happens when a pedestrian suddenly steps out or runs out from the side of the road. This type of accident is common because the driver has no time to react. Often, the driver cannot see past an object such as a parked car or bushes.

>> Intersection dash. This collision is similar to a dart out, however it happens at an intersection. A pedestrian will suddenly appear and run out across an intersection, giving the driver no time to react.

>> Multiple threats. This collision usually occurs then a car is stopped to allow pedestrians to cross and another car plans to pass the car because they cannot see the intersection. This also happens when a bus or taxi has stopped and pedestrians are exiting the vehicle and crossing the road.

>> Turning / merging. When a driver is so focused on turning or merging in heavy traffic they may not see a pedestrian approaching or trying to cross the road. There is a few factors that can affect what the driver or pedestrian is focusing on that may make them neglect to see the danger in front of them.

>> Backing up. When a driver is backing up out of a driveway or into a parking spot and they do not look behind them properly, then this pedestrian collision can occur.

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How to prevent pedestrian collisions:

      1.       Always try and be fully aware of your surroundings. Most accidents happen when the driver or the pedestrian don’t pay attention to the vehicles around them and don’t follow the traffic rules correctly.

      2.       Put away distractions. Avoid using your cell phone, reading a newspaper, listening to your headphones, eating or anything else that may cause you to take your eyes or mind off the road. This rule applies to both drivers and pedestrians.

      3.       Stay Sober. Almost 50% of all accidents that result in pedestrian casualties involve alcohol! It may come as a shock, but 35% of these collisions occur because the pedestrian was impaired. Alcohol affects your decision making skills and physical reflexes making it just as dangerous to be a pedestrian as it is to be behind the wheel.

As a pedestrian you need to make sure that you are visible at all times – just because you see the vehicle doesn’t mean they see you!

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