What to do during a Retail Robbery

Before a criminal commits a robbery they will watch the establishment for a while and decide whether it is convenient or not. Bad cash handling, general upkeep, lack of planning and security measures can make your store or business an easy target for criminals.

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Make sure you know how to prevent a robbery beforehand as well as what to do if a robbery does occur...

      ·         Always watch your customers
      ·         Be aware of any suspicious behaviour and contact the police if you feel they may be a threat
      ·         Keep all emergency numbers on hand
      ·         Install a panic button and make sure all employees know where it is
      ·         If possible, have more than one employee work at a time especially at night
      ·         Keep the inside of your business as well as the entrances well lit
      ·         Try not to keep large amounts of cash on the premises
      ·         If you have to make bank deposits, make them during daylight hours
      ·         Install security cameras in and around your business or store

What to do if a robbery does occur:

  o   Keep calm and listen to all the robbers’ orders. Do not fight back!
  o   Put up your hands and don’t move
  o   Give them what they want
  o   Try and take a good look at the suspect and make a mental note of any details that will be useful to the police (race, age, weight, scars, tattoos, clothing, etc.)

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Once the robbery has taken place, follow these steps immediately:

     1.       Lock the doors and other entrance points
     2.       Call the police right away (in case of slow response also press the SOS button on your PatrolMan app)
     3.       If there are any victims, make sure they’re okay
     4.       Do not touch anything as this may ruin any evidence
     5.       Take pictures of any damage or injuries
     6.       Ask any witnesses to stay until the police arrive
     7.       Write down any mental notes about the criminals
     8.       Take pictures of any damage or injuries

Make sure to keep your establishment in order and take all the proper safety precautions to prevent a retail robbery from occurring.


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