Driving into the Sun – How to Protect yourself

Driving on an extremely sunny day is something you can’t control. When you need to get from A to B and the sun is shining directly into your eyes, it can be a dangerous hazard.

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After the sun rises and just before it is setting is one of the most dangerous times to drive. Why?  Because the sun glares into your eyes and leaves most drivers driving blind. When you cannot see the road ahead and any other potential hazards then you become a risk to the drivers around you.

So, how can you stay safe when you are driving into the sun? Use these helpful tips…

>> Reduce the glare by investing in some high-quality polarized sun glasses

>> Use your sun visor; it can block the sun if it is high enough

>> When the sun is glaring into your eyes it can be hard to see what the person in front of you is doing, so leave more following room to avoid accidents

>> Switch your lights on so you are more visible to the other drivers

>> Keep your windscreen clean on the inside and the outside

>> Make sure your windscreen isn’t cracked as this can obscure your vision even more than necessary

>> Avoid storing anything on your dashboard that will create a distracting reflection

>> If you are really struggling to see the road, follow the lane markings

A lot of times when you are driving your vision will be obscured some way, whether it is heavy rain, mist or sun shine. However, if you follow these tips and make the proper adjustments you will be able to stay safe.

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