Fighting back against an Attacker

Related imageDo you think you would be able to defend yourself if someone were to attack you? This is a question many of us put aside because we do not want to consider it, but the truth is that violence is a part of our lives.

Should you ever be the victim of an attack, you need to know how to stay safe:

Make a noise and push back – If you do not have the option to run away from the attacker, and then make as much noise as you possibly can! Shout; be loud and hopefully someone will hear you. Move your hands around and wave your arms and this could deter the attacker from targeting you.

Hit them where it hurts – Hit hard and target areas of the body where it hurts the most. Aim for the eyes, nose, neck, knees, throat and the groin. And remember to hit them as many times as you can!

Know how to do some damage – A punch with a closed fist will most likely hurt you more than the attacker, so rather use your palms, elbows or knees to do damage. Everyday objects you carry around can also be used as potential weapons, such as your car keys, a pen and even hairspray or perfume.

Prevention is the best defence – Not becoming a victim in the first place is the easier than fighting back. Remember that an attacker will look for someone vulnerable, lost, confused or distracted. Click here to find out how to avoid becoming target.

Keep these tips in mind, so you can defend yourself regardless of your strength or size!

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