6 Holiday Safety Tips for your Pet

Like many of us, we think of our pets as our best friends. But animals can’t always see the dangers around them, this is why we have to keep a lookout for our fury friends and make sure they stay safe this holiday season...

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Pets are bound to accidentally bump over the Christmas tree or get tangled up in the lights. Make sure your pets don’t find themselves in trouble, rather keep them away from these dangers and lock the room so they don’t go in.

Outdoor Pets!
In South Africa, the weather during the festive season can get to scorching levels. If your pet stays outdoors, always make sure they have a lot of fresh water and shelter out of the sun.

Cooked Bones!
Be careful of giving your dog chicken bones and any splintered bones from your Christmas meat dishes. Bones like this can cause fatal internal damage to your fury friends.

Treats and Sweets!
Some sweets and especially chocolates are extremely bad for your pets. Never ever feed your pets your holiday candy, and make sure to keep it out of reach.

Sun block!
Because it is so hot in South Africa, a lot of families spend their time enjoying the sun, sand and sea. Sun block that is accidentally ingested by your pet can be life-threatening, so be sure to keep it safe inside your beach bag!

Young and Old!
Elderly pets and infant pets are most vulnerable in the hot weather. Ensure that they have enough water and a cool place to rest their heads.

Your pet is your best friend and your responsibility to keep safe – make sure you do just that this holiday season!

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