Are your Christmas Lights Safe?

Your Christmas lights have spent the last 12 months packed away in the attic gathering dust, so there is a high chance that they could be electrically unsafe.

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If you are careless with your lights and don’t take the proper precautions, your winter wonderland could turn into a disaster!

Enjoy a safe Christmas and follow these easy checks and precautions:

* Always read and follow the instructions on your Christmas lights
* Always make sure the lights aren’t damaged and keep an eye out for loose wires
* Always replace bulbs with same type and wattage as the originals
* Always turn your lights off before you go to bed or if you leave the house
* Always keep your lights away from any flammable items
* Always use proper extension cords if you need to and don’t overload them
* Always keep the electrical cords away from metal, water and other electric appliances

* Never use Christmas lights outdoors unless the package says they are designed for outdoor use
* Never connect a variety of different lighting sets together
* Never try to fix faulty lights, rather replace them
* Never use lights that you can see are damaged or faulty
* Never insert or remove bulbs when the lights are plugged in
* Never stretch your string of lights as this can cause damage and leads to accidents
* Never overload the wall socket, as this can lead to blown bulbs

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Sparkling Christmas lights on your tree is an important part of the Christmas joy and magic. So, make sure you  take the necessary precautions this year...

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