How to Protect your Holiday Packages

The holidays are almost here which means gift shopping and party planning. However, it’s not all about holiday cheer, it is also an important time of the year for the post industry.

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At this time of the year, it can get a bit crazy in the post office. So, it is important to keep your eye on your mail because criminals may want to swipe your holiday package.

Here are some helpful tips to make sure all your packages are safe and sound...

Track it – This is the most convenient way to keep an eye on your mail. Most websites will tell you the day and time it arrives so you can go to your nearest post office and collect it. is a great website to track your parcels.

Ask a friend – If you’re going to be on holiday or out of the house, ask a family member, friend or neighbour to keep your package in a safe place until you return.

Add some decor – If your package is being delivered to your home, a great way to keep criminals away is to make sure the package cannot be clearly seen from the road. Maybe add a pot plant or a chair that it can be hidden behind.

Leave it at the post office – To avoid the chance of your parcel getting stolen, even from your hiding spot, ask the post office closest to your house to keep the parcel until you have time to come pick it up.

Don’t make it a surprise – If you are going to be sending your friends and family gift packages, then make sure to tell them about it. This way, they can plan ahead and you can supply them with the tracking number.

Add a camera – You may be having problems with package thieves, if so, set up some security camera’s by your front door or walkway so you can track and record the deliveries.

Using just a few of these many tips are an easy way to guarantee any precious package gets delivered safely and is saved from those few package stealing Grinch’s who just haven’t seemed to get in the holiday spirit.

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