Staying Safe when it’s time to Celebrate New Years

New Years Eve is a time for fun and celebration, so the last thing you want is for something bad to happen...

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Here’s how to stay safe this New Years Eve...

With you group of friends. The best New Years is one spent with your loved ones, so if you’re going to a party make sure to arrive and leave with your group. A lot can happen on this crazy night, so make sure to communicate effectively with everyone and plan where and when you’re going and leaving, etc.

When it’s time to eat. The best way to prepare for a long night of New Year’s parties is to eat a filling supper. A wholesome meal will help your body absorb alcohol and stop you from needing a snack at midnight.

If you’re drinking alcohol. Even if you and your loved ones don’t drink on New Year’s, you’ll probably run into people who do during the night. If you or a friend is drinking, keep these tips in mind:

-- Alternate drinking one glass of alcohol with one glass of water
-- Know your limit and pace yourself
-- Don’t ever leave your drink unattended

Regarding driving. It is a dangerous time of the year to be on the roads, so never drink and drive and never let anyone you see drink and drive. If it is possible, rather spend the night at a friend’s house that is close to the festivities, that way you can walk home and avoid drunk drivers. If you must drive home, take a taxi or an Uber.

Stay safe this New Years and have a great party!

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