How to make it through an Armed Robbery

Robbery in South Africa has unfortunately become something that happens quite often.

Always remember that it is not a wise idea to fight back, you need to make it out alive and get back to your loved ones.

Here’s how to make it out of a dangerous armed robbery:

Image result for pointing gun-- Don’t make any sudden movements, the attackers may be jumpy and any unsteady movements may shock them.

-- Make sure that the attacker knows that you are not a threat, and will do as he commands.

-- Avoid making eye contact and try to come across in a non-threatening way.

-- You may want to teach your children a special code word that alerts them that this is a dangerous situation and they must follow your instructions.

-- Try to note your attacker’s features without them noticing, although you must be careful because this can make them angry.

-- Call for help immediately after the attackers leave.

-- Ensure that there are a number of panic buttons scattered around your home so you have access no matter what room you are in.

-- Prevent yourself from becoming a victim in the first place by securing your home properly and being away of your neighbourhood and surroundings.

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