Child Safety in and Around your Home

Accidents happen, but as a parent you have to find ways to reduce the chance of your children hurting themselves. The only way to do this is to try see the dangers around them and to change the environment to make it as child-friendly as possible.

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Every year thousands of children are injured and hospitalised because of accidents at home – accidents that could have easily been avoided!

Children up to four years old are most at risk because they do not know what objects are dangerous and which are safe; they will fiddle and explore their environment, and may end up getting hurt.

Young children are often injured because of...

Falls – from beds, chairs, backyard toys, jungle gym equipment

Burns – hot stove tops, boiling liquids and foods

Poisonings – medicines, cleaners, alcohol

Near drowning – pools, baths

Dog bites – mostly by dogs known to the child in the home environment

Choking – food or small toy or objects

Your home is where your child begins to learn about the world around them, so they enjoy exploring. This is why you need to make your home a safe place for them!

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