You’ve just Shot Someone in Self-Defense, Now What?

Shooting someone in self-defence is often not the problem; it is what you do afterwards that can get you into a lot of trouble.

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Here are 7 things you should never do after shooting someone in self-defence.

Call the police in a panic
No matter how hardcore you think you are, if you pull the trigger and shoot someone, you will panic! Before you call the police in a tizzy, take some time to calm down and get your thoughts into order.

Leave the scene
Unless you feel that you will be harmed, stay at the scene – do not leave! You may feel scared and try to run to your friends or family, but it’s best not to. Leaving the scene will make you look guilty.

Move evidence
If you’re at home you’ll most probably want to clean up, but this is not wise. Do not touch anything! If there are other people with you, make sure they don’t touch anything either.

Hold your gun when the police arrive
When the police arrive they may not know who is the bad guy or the good guy. They will look at you holding the gun in your hand and see you as a threat. So, make sure to put your gun down or pack it away.

Make a statement to police
You don’t want to say too much to the police because anything you say will be used against you. What should you do? Contact your lawyer and talk to them before you say anything to the police.

Lecture police on the law or your rights
One of the worst things you can do is give the police attitude. Police are human beings and will react like anyone else if you challenge their authority or intelligence. No matter what police say, even if they say or do something you believe to be incorrect, this isn't the time to get into an argument.

Be surprised if you're treated like a criminal
Be aware that you will probably be handcuffed or even jailed. This is only because it takes time to find out the truth and the police need to be cautious. Don’t be offended or resist, just cooperate.

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