How to be a Responsible Gun Owner

As a gun owner, you need to be responsible and that means speaking to your loved ones, especially your children, about how to be 100% safe with your gun.

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Gather your loved ones and talk them about gun safety...

-- A gun is always loaded

Even if you know that the gun is not loaded, it should always be treated like it is. Never point a gun at yourself or someone else. If you are cleaning your gun, keep it pointed at the floor, away from you, at all times.

-- Don’t put your finger on the trigger

If you are hunting, practice shooting or simply just holding your gun, always keep your finger off the trigger! The proper way to hold your gun safely is to keep your finger straight along the side of the trigger.

-- Guns are not toys

Movies show people using weapons in ways that make them look cool and fun, but they are not toys. A gun is a deadly weapon that can kill with a simple movement, so they need to be treated with respect and care.

-- Never try altering a gun yourself

Yes, gun owners should know how to clean their guns safely, however don’t ever try to alter it or modify it yourself. Leave that to the professionals and avoid any accidents from happening.

-- Be wise

It’s not a joke to pretend to point a gun at someone. If you are going to point it at something or someone, you must be 100% certain that this is what you intend to shoot.

Buying and owning a gun means you have to be responsible enough to know all the safety precautions. Guns are weapons that need to be treated with care and respect.

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