8 Easy Ways to Keep your House Safe without Breaking the Bank

When you wake up to someone in your house, it can be a devastating incident. How did an intruder violate your home when you live in such a safe neighbourhood?

Well, there are things that you can do differently to make sure you are 100% safe – most of them are free and easy to do!

     1.       You may love to post your holiday pictures and plans on Facebook and other social media, but you are possibly setting yourself up to be a victim. Criminals use social networks too, especially to see whether homeowners will be away from home or not.

     2.       The simple bark of a dog is enough to send a burglar running. Even if you don’t have a dog, putting up a “beware of dog” sign can scare criminals into thinking twice about breaking in.

     3.       Don’t show off your expensive possessions! The worst thing you can do is unwrap your new expensive flat screen TV and then leave the box outside on the curb. Dispose of the packaging properly otherwise criminals will know what valuables you have inside.

     4.       Burglars will run away instantly when they are suddenly standing in a ray of bright light. So, install motion-sensored lights outside your home. It is a cheap and effective deterrent.

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     5.       Use your blinds or curtains, especially at night. You don’t want someone looking inside your home and seeing what you’re doing and where you store your valuables.

     6.       Always keep your doors and windows locked and consider installing burglar bars and a security gate. If you have sliding doors, put a metal rod or wood in the track to stop any criminals from pulling it off.

     7.       Ask a friend or neighbour to collect your post and any packages you may be receiving. If burglars see your mail piling up they’ll know immediately that you’re not home.

     8.       Overgrown bushes and trees are the perfect place for burglars to hide. Make sure to keep your yard clean and tidy, especially next to entrances, windows and walkways.

Keeping your house safe is so important, make sure to utilise these steps and stay safe without breaking the bank.

The PatrolMan app allows neighbourhood watch members as well as community members to keep up with the latest crime statistics, report incidents and use the SOS emergency button to summon help.


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