Relocating – Settling In

Now that you and your loved ones have found a great neighbourhood and beautiful home, it’s time to get settled in.

Keep these helpful tips in mind when you start settling in:

#1  This is a fresh start for your family, so only fill your house with the things you really want or need. Sell the rest or donate to charity.

#2  Once you’re finished unpacking, you’re going to be exhausted. Order a pizza or go eat out, you’re going to need the break!

#3  Think back to when you were studying the neighbourhood, where was the nearest grocery store and hardware shop?

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#4  Always label your boxes according to each room. This will make unpacking so much easier.

#5  Take it one step at a time. Choose a room and unpack everything that belongs there and then move on to the next.

#6  Unpack your bedding and towels first, you’re going to need them for the night.

#7  Make sure you have ALL your boxes before the movers leave.

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#8  This is a new neighbourhood and a new start. Don’t be shy to ask for help from neighbours, you may make some friends in the process.

#9  If you have small children, it’s probably best to unpack their toys and games as soon as possible.

#10  Making your home comfortable takes time. Leave some boxes to be unpacked the next day, you don’t have to do everything at once.

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#11  Make sure you asked the previous owner, real-estate agent or landlord about any quirks it may have, like squeaky floorboards or a family of raccoons living underneath it.

#12  Try something new by experimenting with home decor and moving things around.

#13  Don’t make any large purchases until you have fully settled into your new house.

#14  But then again, it is a great idea to reward yourself and your loved ones with something beautiful to place in your new home.

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Make a list of these tips, and use them! Next we will look at meeting people in your new neighbourhood.

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