Relocating – Finding a Neighbourhood

You and your family are relocating to a new city or town, and you need to find a good neighbourhood where you know yourself, your family and your pets will be safe.

Keep these things in mind when you’re looking for a good neighbourhood:

#1  Visit the neighbourhood in person before you move there.

#2  Study the yards, gardens, driveways, etc. Is everything neat?

#3  Listen out for sirens, loud traffic, shouting and fighting.

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#4  If you happen to meet a potential neighbour, have a conversation with them.

#5  Research the local schools, bus routes and activities if you have children.

#6  Decide how far you would be okay with commuting every day.

#7  There may be rules or limitations for owning pets.

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#8  Take into account the nearest hospitals, highways, police station, airport, etc.

#9  If you can’t go to the neighbourhood in person, use Google Earth.

#10  Make a document with a list of your choices for possible neighbourhoods.

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#11  Decide if you’re looking for a quiet neighbourhood or one that is busy and energetic.

#12  Study the traffic patterns and think how it would impact your life.

#13  Keep a look out for any perks in the neighbourhood such as restaurants, parks, etc. 

#14  Use the PatrolMan neighbourhood watch app to keep track of crime statistics, incidents and reports in specific areas, as well as a live hotspot map.

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Make a list of these tips, and use them! Next we will look at settling in to your new home.


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