How to Drive Safely in Wet Weather

Related imageDriving in the rain is no fun and for some people it can even make them feel incredibly uneasy. Wet weather contributes to nearly 1.2 million traffic accidents every year, resulting in thousands of deaths and serious injuries.

However, driving in wet weather doesn’t have to be a horrible, scary experience! All you have to do is remember these vital tips for driving in a downfall...

> Give the road your full attention. Did you know that when you drive you are driving out of habit, so often drivers are not fully aware of what is going on? When it starts to rain, people need to change their thinking and be alert and fully focused.

> Turn your lights on. It is the law to turn your headlights on when visibility is low; this helps other drivers see you. Good quality windscreen wipers and relatively new tyres are also extremely important when driving during a downfall.

Related image> Slow down. Hydroplaning is what occurs when your tyres lose traction of the road because of a layer of water, resulting in your car sliding uncontrollably. So, SLOW DOWN! If your car ever does start hydroplaning, continue to steer in the direction you want to go and let your foot off the petrol pedal slowly. Avoid slamming on brakes and don’t panic.

> Avoid using cruise control. Usually on wet surfaces cruise control actually causes you to lose control. It is important to be in control of every aspect of your driving when the raining is pouring, cruise control keeps your car at one steady speed, so if you do hydroplane you will actually go faster.

Always be extra cautious when you’re driving in wet weather – safety is the most important thing!
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