How to Handle Neighbours from Hell

We’ve all been subjected to some kind of nasty neighbour. From the party animals who keep you up all night with loud music to the old pensioner who moans about how long your grass is.

Before you start plotting your revenge, here’s how to best handle them in a civilized way.

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     1.       Find a neighbourhood where you belong
If you’re a senior, it probably isn’t the best idea to choose a neighbourhood full of young adults, staying up all night playing music. Just like families with children should steer clear of apartment buildings that mainly cater to the elderly, where loud kids won’t be tolerated.

     2.       Try your best to be a good neighbour
Get to know your neighbours. Go over and learn their names, wave when you see them and keep your lawn tidy. Common decency goes a long way!

     3.       Patience is important
If there is beef between you and your neighbour, wait at least 24 hours after an incident to bring up your concerns. By doing this you avoid tempers taking over the situation.

     4.       Be diplomatic
Accidents happen, so hold off on complaining immediately if an incident has happened just once. People make mistakes, hopefully it won’t happen again!

     5.       Know the laws of your neighbourhood
What are the neighbourhood regulations when it comes to noise, junk, rubbish bins, law maintenance, etc.? If you talk about your concerns with your neighbour and they don’t listen consider filing a complaint.

     6.       Don’t call the police
Unless the neighbours are making you feel as if your life is in danger, don’t call the police! Your neighbour will not magically become cooperative, you will probably just make matters so much worse.

     7.       Mediation can help
If your neighbour isn’t completely insane, you may want to think about using a mediator to settle your differences. Consider contacting Cape Mediators in Cape Town.

Living next door to Mr. Uncooperative is bad on so many levels. The good news is that you can handle it peacefully.

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