How to React to Rage

In light of the Spur incident that happened a few days ago where a raging man physically threatened a woman in front of his and her children, we’re going to discuss what to do if you are ever in a similar situation.

Let’s say your children accidentally hit a cricket ball through a neighbour’s window, or you cut in front of a stranger standing in line. They’re now furious, swearing and possibly violent.

Please note - If you start to feel scared and as if you may be in danger, move away from the person immediately and call for help from the police or press the emergency SOS button on the PatrolMan app.

Luckily, most situations don’t turn out so bad! Here are some easy steps to remember if you are ever in a position like this...

Identify Rage.
Rage is when anger mutates to its extreme form, like a person who is shouting or getting extremely agitated. Stop and think: Anger is an emotion that can change a person; I need to get a grip of this before I start getting angry myself. From there you can start thinking logically.

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Is Envy Involved?
Envy is an emotion that goes hand in hand with anger. The person who is full of rage may be upset because they want something that you have. Maybe you have a fancier car, more money or get treated better by others. When you think about this, it will help you to understand why this person has got so upset about something so small.

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Make Peace.
Never ever go crazy and get angry yourself, rather stop and take a deep breath and don’t react to what they are saying. When you do respond to them, make sure you answer in a calm, neutral tone. This way they will realize that you are willing to make peace and solve the problem at hand.

Show them some Empathy.
It may seem like a minor issue to you, but to someone else it means a lot! Don’t make light of the problem, if your kids accidentally hit the cricket ball through the window show them some empathy: I am so sorry, I know how much you value your home. When you show someone empathy they will feel valued.

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Communicate Clearly.
Focus on the facts and be clear about what you are saying. Think about a fair agreement, like offering to pay for the repairs to the window on a certain date – make sure you both come to an agreement.

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Say Thank You!
Always end the conversation with a thank you, like saying: Thank you for understanding. This will show them that they do not need to show anger or rage. In a perfect world the person would say thank you in turn and you two would go about your business, but if that doesn’t happen continue to try the calm approach until you resolve the conflict.

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